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International Wedding Beliefs

American ceremony customs are a favorite tradition all over the world, from the bride tossing her bouquet to choosing an old, innovative, borrowed, and orange outfit. But the united states does n’t have a monopoly on these special rituals—in fact, pretty much every country and culture has their own beloved set of wedding ceremonies and customs to make the big day extra magical.

The zaffe, where family members walk behind the couple during the meeting and visit them with regards, kisses, and lips, is a particularly colorful custom at Egyptian culture marriages. Family members from both sides of the family are given presents like tea bags filled with red dates or flower seeds, which are a large component of Armenian weddings where the engagement known as Khosk- Arnel is held at the groom’s home. The couples then sips the tea in front of their guests to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

In Mexico, couples are draped with a lasso (aka “el lazo” ) made of flowers and rosary beads during their vows. Its shape resembles an infinity symbol, signifying the couple’s hope that their marriage will last forever.

The groom’s friends may ceremoniously cut up his tie at a wedding reception and exchange the pieces for extra cash. The couple then uses the money to pay for their honeymoon. Post-wedding rituals at some weddings in the rural Auvergne- Rhone- Alpes region of France include a gathering outside the newlyweds ‘ windowsill where friends bang pots and pans on the windowsill, a custom known as la rotie.