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Intimacy with a loved one.

Intimacy with a loved one. Tell me that you love me, that you will always be there, that you will never leave for anyone? – her voice was drowned in the quiet rustle of leaves. The moon illuminated her sweet face with the impartiality of a mirror. He looked …

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Knowledge of Passion

Knowledge of Passion Have you ever poured a bucket of cold water on yourself? And three? If so, you understand me. Everything inside (and outside) shrinks for a second, then you want to frantically jump out from the burning moisture … and, having regained the ability to breathe, you …

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For my birthday, I gave my mom to friends

For my birthday, I gave my mom to friends On my twentieth birthday, my friends and I sat at the table, drinking and poisoning different stories. – Listen, Seryoga, is it true that you fuck your mother while your father goes on business trips? – Yes its true. I …

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